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Zones 30 & 31 Leadership Seminar -New Orleans, La
Jul 10, 2020 – Jul 11, 2020
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Jul 31, 2020 – Aug 01, 2020
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Tyler Rotary Centennial Celebration
Aug 08, 2020
150 Longview Sesquicentennial Parade
Aug 27, 2020 – Aug 29, 2020
150 Longview Sesquicentennial Parade back up date
Sep 12, 2020
Iron Lung -Texarkana Sunrise RC for Nash Night Out
Oct 05, 2020 – Oct 06, 2020
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May 2020 
Polio Eradication - 2020 Update
41 in Pakistan!  5 in Afghanistan! 

It is not too late to make what could be your most
important financial contribution to the

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Message from DG Jim Finstrom 
Well, here we are in the last two months of our Rotary year and in the midst of a pandemic.  Illness and death are still not decreasing steadily as medical experts indicate and we should maintain our caution and social distancing.  I visited with Floyd Lancia yesterday and he tell me that RI wants us to avoid in person meetings until the end of 2020.  This a great opportunity for us to continue exploring and utilizing on line meets such as Zoom, which has been used successfully for  training in our District and throughout the world, and is being used successfully for club meetings and engagement.  Please give this all the thought, and more, that you would give to in person meetings.  AND, as we near the end of the Rotary year, it is of utmost importance that we review our foundation and Polio-Plus donations as clubs and individuals. 
The needs here at home and around the world have increased with the pandemic, and Polio in Pakistan and Afghanistan is conquerable but requires more than $50,000.00 a year around the world to accomplish this.  Bill and Melinda Gate are still with us in the fight and we need to show them our resolve.  Finally, one thought:  Most of us are not buying the meals we did when we met in person.  Perhaps we could individually donate weekly or monthly what we have saved to our local food pantries or the East Texas food bank.  I pray that we continue to serve above ourselves and live the Four Way Test.  DG Jim
May 2020 is Youth Service Month 

Water summit urges Rotary members to invest in youth

Almost 200 million days of school attendance are lost every year because of the lack of proper sanitation. Many  diarrhea cases in children result from transmission of disease in schools rather than at home.

“A school is a place where children should feel safe, not a place where they are susceptible to infection,” says Lizette Burgers, senior adviser of UNICEF’s Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Schools program.

But the message at the World Water Summit on 4 June in São Paulo was positive: Rotary members and their clubs can make schools healthier places through programs that provide clean water and better sanitation.


"WASH in Schools is about addressing the rights of the children. This forum can help us all learn how to provide a healthy, safe, and secure school environment,” said Burgers. “This will help ensure quality education, because healthy, well-nourished children can fully participate in schooling. It increases school attendance, because students have to spend less time traveling long distances to fetch water. And it encourages children to take pride in their school and community by providing them with a renewed sense of dignity.”

The water summit, the seventh convened by the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group, focused on water, sanitation, and hygiene in schools and provided Rotary members with resources and tips for starting their own projects.

Sushil Gupta, The Rotary Foundation’s WASH in Schools committee chair, explained that these projects aren’t just about investing in infrastructure and improving sanitation facilities. A successful WASH in Schools project is also about advocacy. Rotary members were encouraged, when considering a new project, to focus on hygiene education by finding ways to develop healthy behaviors in youths. Gupta said that children are generally more receptive to new ideas than adults are, and they can more easily change their habits and improve practices within families and their communities.

“WASH in Schools is about revitalizing and bringing revolution in societies,” Gupta said. “These young children can become our agents of change, and help us reach our goal of a cleaner, better, and more educated world.”

At a breakout session, Greg Allgood, vice president of World Vision, a leading nongovernmental provider of clean drinking water in rural areas of the developing world, discussed how Rotary members can develop more sustainable and effective WASH in Schools projects by partnering with NGOs and the private sector. With the support of Rotary-collaborated projects, World Vision helped more than 845,000 children gain access to clean water through $85 million in project funding in 2013 alone.

Other breakout sessions focused on the basics of conducting a WASH in Schools program, the importance of changing behavior through hygiene education, and how to address sanitation needs in schools. Carlos Rossin, director of sustainability solutions for PricewaterhouseCoopers, also provided an update on São Paulo’s current drought and water resources issues.

“Rotarians are dedicating their time and leadership to address the need for basic WASH in Schools programs, and the results are already inspiring,” said John Hewko, general secretary of Rotary International. “These programs create a cycle of opportunity. It reduces hygiene-related disease, it increases attendance in school, it enhances the learning environment, and it contributes to a student’s dignity. This is an opportunity for Rotary to showcase what we’re all about. And through your work, we will be impacting generations to come.”

Learn more about the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group
Follow all the coverage from the convention
Go behind the scenes on Convention Insider

By Megan Ferringer
2020-2021 District Training Assembly Recap
Many thanks to all who made our 5830 District Training Assembly Zoom Seminars this past month possible.
Our training journey began with Allyson Barnes of the New Orleans Mid-City Rotary and NOLA Rotaract on April 4th with her presentation on Rotaract and Rotary Partnerships, and Karen Maines, President of Longview-Greggton Rotary, and Gai Bennett, President of the Rotary Club of Longview on Increasing Membership and Having Fun in Rotary the Easy Way. 
We then covered Opportunities for Service Through The Rotary Foundation and Heart To Heart with PDG Ted Huffhines;
PDG John Jetter and our DA Shirley Pinnix Evans next covered MyRotary, Rotary Club Central and Understanding Citation Requirements (and the changes to this years Citation Requirements after COVID-19).
John and Shirley were kind enough to return. John in his role as District Finance Chair held forth on Keeping your Club in IRS Compliance and What to Do If You Are Not, and Shirley with Navigation of the District 5830 ClubRunner Website and Club Secretary Duties.
Our last seminar presentations in this series began with AG and Past President of South Tyler Rotary, Amanda Folmar, delivering Mascara and M&Ms, a study in how to keep clubs vibrant.
PDG Lee Montgomery next visited with us on boosting club membership followed by AG and Visioning Chair,  Sam Scroggins, on the Whys and Hows of Club Visioning. Sam brought an excellent PowerPoint presentation to  explain the process.
With RIPE Holger Knaack’s Emphasis on all Rotary Clubs going through the Visioning Process and once done, reviewing yearly the Club plans developed, Sam’s talk was quite timely.
We’ve now wrapped up our experiment with Zoom as an on-line District 5830 Training Platform. 
Thanks again to all who helped make it possible and for the information learned on virtual presentations which will help make Rotary a more viable organization going forward.
And, Sarah Fox (Longview-Greggton Rotary) is joining the 5830 District Website Committee as our Social Media Expert making sure all Zoom Seminars above remain available as a training tool on YouTube.
Also, a big thank you to PDG Tom DeWitt for first helping secure and then helping us move from our venue at the First Christian Church Tyler.
Likewise South Tyler Pres. Jeff Johnston deserves sincere thanks for agreeing to have Chick-fil-A furnish and underwrite Breakfast and Lunch for the District Assembly as originally Planned.
I look forward to seeing and working with all of you in the forthcoming Rotary year.
Yours in Rotary,
Jack Welge
District Governor Elect 2019-2020
Rotary International District 5830
 2019-2020 D5830 TRF Matching Points Campaign
"PDG, VG, & District 5830 Foundation Chair announces "The Rotary Foundation Matching Funds Program from May 1st through June 15, 2020. In an effort to encourage Rotarians in District 5830 to make contributions to the Annual Fund & Polio Plus of The Rotary Foundation in this Rotary Year, there will be a matching points campaign for all donations equal to or in excess of $100 from May 1st until June 15th.  We realize many have been adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, but we want to incentivize your  donations as we strive to reach $100+ per person in our District.Donations must be for $100 or more to either Annual Fund or Polio Plus
1. Checks made out to TRF or The Rotary Foundation should be mailed to
PDG Tom Dewitt
1467 Old Creek Drive
Tyler, TX 75703
2. On the memo line indicate AF or Polio
3. All Donors will receive a One to One match in Paul Harris Points- ie., if you make a $100 donation, you will receive an additional 100 PHF points; if you make a $250 donation, you will receive an additional 250 PHF points and so on.
4. PDG Tom Dewitt will be collecting donations and submit them to TRF. Your donations will also be credited to your Rotary Club’s giving for this year.
May Membership Minute 
Ideas for staying connected during social distancing
During this time of physical separation and social distancing, it’s more important than ever to keep our social connections, says Ingrid Waugh, Assistant Rotary Coordinator and Past Governor of District 9920. Members stay because of the connections they make in their clubs and districts. Our relationships are paramount and we need to strengthen the ones we have, in addition to building new ones. What might this look like in our changed world?
  • Convert your meetings to virtual ones. Check out this article from District 9500 for advice on keeping these meeting captivating.
  • Share ideas for projects that you can collaborate on together remotely
  • Create a club buddy system to pair up members and make sure that vulnerable members are supported
  • Inject some fun items into your newsletters and bulletins to lighten the mood and keep people’s minds off the gravity of these times
  • Update your club website with a new tab for information on how people can get involved with your club online or virtually. You could also create a tab for listing volunteer opportunities like this district did:
Check out the full blog post to learn about more Ideas for staying connected during social distancing.
New! Connect with the (Online) Rotary World Webinar Recording
Rotarians and Rotaractors everywhere are proving that social distancing doesn’t mean being disconnected. People are embracing new ways to connect using technology — smartphones, webcams, and the internet. Watch the Connect with the (Online) Rotary World webinar now to hear from members (including District 6690’s Jenny Stotts and Dana Vogelmeier!) who are leading their clubs and districts in the move to virtual connection.   

#RotaryResponds COVID-19 Telethon
Join us on Saturday, 2 May for the COVID-19 #RotaryResponds Telethon on Rotary International’s Facebook page. You’ll hear stories of hope, inspiration and gratitude from Rotarians, Rotaractors and friends of Rotary from across the globe as they share what they are doing to help their communities. This live stream will be simulcast in eight languages. ( Share the attached Rotary Facebook graphic now!
Yours in Rotary Service,
PDG & District 5830 Membership Chair Lee Montgomery
 2020-2021 DG Jack's Club Visits Options Available 
District 5830 Rotarians,

As we get closer to the new Rotary year beginning July 1st, I wanted to make each of you aware of the various options available for DG Club Visits that were discussed at Lone Star P.E.T.S.

Your Club PE should be receiving an email from me shortly describing the available visits in detail.

Briefly, they are:

1.  The Regular Rotary Club Meeting Visit, just like we’ve always done. I will visit your regularly scheduled club meeting and give a presentation after the meal. I will also want to visit with the Board Members prior to or after the meeting.
2.  A Social Event Visit.  I will visit your Club’s social event; or if you want, I will visit a social event hosted by several clubs. Please do advertise to your members that I will be present.  At some point during the event, I will give a casual presentation to the members followed by a question and answer session; and, either before or after the event I will need to visit with Club Officers for a brief period.
3. A Club Service Project Visit.  I will join you on your Clubs Service Project and work alongside Rotarians to accomplish project goals. Either before or after the event, I will give a casual presentation to the members followed by a question and answer session; and, either before or after the event I will need to visit with Club Officers for a brief period.
Please review the three options and let me know what best suits your club, or if you have a new and more innovative visit you’d like me to consider, please let me know.

If you will bring this up at your next Rotary Club Board meeting and return the form as soon as possible, the date can be added to our District Calendar. Visits will be on a first come, first served basis. Forms and more information are on our District 5830 Website.

If no response is received, I will make every attempt to hold a Regular Rotary Club Meeting Visit on the date shown on our District 5830 proposed District Calendar of Events.
It’s going to be a great year in spite of disruptions necessitated by the Coronavirus.
Yours in Rotary,
Jack Welge
District Governor Elect 
Rotary International District 5830
Happy Birthday Longview Rotary Club 
The Rotary Club of Longview was chartered on May 1, 1920.  They are 100 years old on May 1, 2020.  They had to postpone their Grand Centennial Celebration due to the COVID - 19 pandemic but they will reschedule! 
Tyler Rotary Club Centennial Celebration on August 8, 2020
The Rotary Club of Tyler (RCOT) was chartered on May 1, 1920, with 25 members.  It was the fifth club chartered in Northeast Texas and was one of only 530 clubs in Rotary International. 
Centennial Club President Dr. D. M. Edwards says "Rotary Club of Tyler leads the way." What would it take to change the world?  Rotary Club of Tyler members believe it starts with a commitment to the Rotary motto “Service Above Self” and continues through donations of volunteer time and financial support to numerous charitable causes.

Please join Tyler Rotary Club's Centennial Celebration on August 8, 2020, at Hollytree Country Club, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. with Past International President Ray Klinginsmith as keynote speaker.  Cost is $50 per person for the event and $75.00 per person for a Patron seat which includes an additional “Meet and Greet” social prior to the main evening event.  For tickets and information please contact Holly Lewis, Administrative Assistant/Executive Secretary at 903-714-4472 or  Eventbrite link is
In 1929 RCOT assisted children with disabilities throughout Smith County.  The dedication to serve local children with disabilities was still evident in 1970 when a new partnership with the St. Louis School, a campus for students with special needs was born.  For more than 40 years, the RCOT hosted an annual Christmas party at the school, as well as underwrote the construction of a handicapped playground with special equipment for the children. 
RCOT established the Young Citizens Club in 1930 and has sponsored this event for 90 years.  In addition to certificates, the students receive what the club affectionately calls “The Little White Book” in which every Rotary Young Citizens Club member is listed under their school.  Today, the Young Citizens Awards recognized 80 young men and women along with Teachers of the Year from 40 participating schools in Smith County.
During the school year, RCOT weekly meetings include a segment to recognize outstanding high school seniors from schools throughout the Tyler Area.  The club has been honoring students for more than 20 years.  The outstanding high school senior recognition is part of an ongoing effort by RCOT to encourage and reward student excellence and achievement.
Much volunteer time and major fundraising efforts are used to support many local causes.  For more than 10 years the RCOT hosted an annual chili cook-off to successfully raise funds for Texas Missions of Mercy and medical trips to Central and South America, as well as donating funds to local nonprofit organizations.  A 2014 fundraising gala allowed RCOT to donate $50,000 to Tyler Junior College for its dental hygiene program.  The Rotary Club of Tyler Sterilization Laboratory is part of the Robert M.  Rogers Nursing and Health Science Center. Two years later, RCOT took on another project to provide a van to the Watkins-Logan Veterans Home.  The Rotary club provided a  handicapped accessible vehicle that allows 123 residents to be transported to medical appointments. 
The most recent annual fundraiser of the club provided $50,000 to the East Texas Food Bank to help build The Rotary Club of Tyler Repackaging Room.  The room is used to pack food supplies to be delivered to clients throughout East Texas.

Christmas is a special time of year where Rotarians can be seen ringing the bell for the Salvation Army or assembling bicycles for the Salvation Army toy drive.  The most rewarding way the RCOT gives back to the community is through volunteering with the other local Rotary clubs in hosting the annual Rotary Clubs of Tyler Christmas Parade.  Although the parade has a long history, Rotarians have hosted the event since 2015.  
PDG Tom DeWitts thoughts on being prepared
Let's start a conversation! Let's think about what we can be doing or thinking about in anticipation of getting back to whatever the new "normal" will be as we reopen the economy.
I've never been the sharpest knife in the drawer, but have been good at identifying folks with diverse skills to tackle problems and come up with win/win solutions to personal and communal challenges. What are the steps that your organization should use to start the ramp up process for your business or organization?


1. How will we clean the facility before we have any normal interaction between employees and the clients or customers we serve? Are there disinfectant procedures that we need to institute as folks enter or leave the premises?
2. Is there a way to split the workforce into some that continue to work from home and some that come to the site? Have we actually been effectively and efficiently been utilizing our human resources during the "at home" period? Can we slow down the assembly line or process to maintain quality performance without having all hands at their normal stations? Could we actually operate every other day for a period to be sure our efforts to stop the spread of the virus is effective? 
3. Do we actually have job descriptions in place so that we can accurately restore operations irrespective of the presence of specific individuals in the workplace. Should we be working on refining those now so that we are confident on the process of recalling individuals? 
4. How much time will be necessary before we begin to solicit, invite, advertise, our products or services to our existing new the general public. 
5. How do we determine the volume of business that will be available so that we don't have folks sitting around without being productive? Does this restart give us an opportunity to analyze how we care for the customers that we have historically served? Are we actually staying in touch with our suppliers and our customers in anticipation of this restart?
I have been fortunate to have worked on assembly lines, traditional retail, restaurants, farming, real estate, education, health care, engineering, property taxes and government services. These are a start, but I'm sure many of you will have other ideas that we can all benefit from. Feel free to share ideas, comments, questions. or concerns as we work to make our economic return beneficial as it can be for all involved!

Tom DeWitt

South Tyler Rotary President 2010-11

District 5830 District Governor 2015-16 

Longview Rotary Club at Work 
Gai Bennett, President of the Longview Rotary Club and other Rotarians were on hand working with New Beginnings Baptist Church, the Texas Army National Guardsmen plus their local Police Officers to distribute food from the East Texas Food Bank. 
Texarkana Oaklawn RC supports "Frontline Heroes"
Russell Sparks a member of Texarkana Oaklawn Rotary Club and Owner of Hightech Signs volunteered to make yard signs to sell as a fundraiser to help local frontline heroes (police, fire dept, EMT’s).  Russell also delivered hygiene product for students to some of our local middle/junior high schools.  Each school district will decide how to distribute the product donated to their students.  Club Members Carla Dupree, Principal at Texas High School,reported they have already distributed some of the hygiene products they received.
To order your 18"tall and 24" wide yard sign for Frontline Heroes. Contact Hightech, 3502  New Boston Road, Texarkana, Tx. 75501 at 903-939-8999 or click on the Facebook link:
Highteck Signs is donating $10.00 per sign  they will be donating back into the community during the pandemic.  The cost is $25.00 plus taxes. 
Pictured is Tyson, who is the son of Texarkana Oaklawn Rotary Club President, Jennifer Stuart. 
Jefferson Texas is Flying American Flags! 
Why did Jefferson Rotary Club fly American Flags on March 26th.  
March 26 was National Spinach Day, National Epilepsy Awareness Day, and National Nougat Day! 
Epilepsy Awareness Day - Purple Day.  Epilepsy Awareness Day on March 26th aims to increase the public's knowledge of a neurological conditions affecting nearly 50 million people world wide. 
Mt. Pleasant Rotary Club recognizes local business owners
Congratulations to the adaptability of Sweet Shop USA in Mt. Pleasant, Texas the largest hand-made chocolate manufacturer in the USA has converted to make medical face shields to supply hospitals with personal protective equipment needed to fight COVID- 19.
Members of Texarkana Oaklawn Rotary Club at Work in the Community 
Oaklawn Rotarians At Work - Shawn Davis ( wearing blue Rotary t-shirt) and Brad Bailey picked up food from Big Jake's BBQ and delivered the food to LifeNet Employees.   This is an effort the club is doing where they take the funds they would normally spend on our Club's lunch meeting and spend it at a locally owned restaurant to provide lunch for a local non profit.  Thanks Shawn and Bran, both in leadership at Texarkana Independent School District. 
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Save The Dates:  DGE Jack Welge Installation Brunch and DG Jim's District Conference October 30, and October 31, 2020

 If you are a visiting guest, feel free to browse this website.  If you are interested in finding, or joining a Rotary club in our district please call me at (903) 787-8275.  

District Administrator Shirley Pinnix-Evans

For additional information:

Foundation & : PDG & VG Ted Huffhines - 903-930-0524

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Iron Lung is Available for Display!
The iron lung is ready for display by clubs for special events!  Check the District Calendar for availability. Contact DA Shirley Pinnix-Evans to reserve the Iron Lung.
Please furnish a copy of the driver's license of the individual to pick up the trailer, a copy of their insurance card and the location, date, and name of event. Towing vehicle for the trailer requires a 2 inch ball and has a plug-in pigtail to hook up lights.  Shirley will need a pick up and return date.  Contact information for DA Shirley: or 903-787-8275. Each community can only have a priority request for the same event once a year, but they can make a request for the same event every year on the off chance that no one else will want the trailer for that same date.